The Story

In the middle of 2017, 10 years after the “20 years of Corrado” meeting, the idea came up to organize a big meeting also for the 30th anniversary of Corrado. For this purpose, talks were held with the big clubs in Germany and also with the friendly club from the Netherlands. After some discussions it was not really clear at first whether we could organize such a meeting together.
Internationally, however, the pressure to organize a meeting increased, because the Corrado fan community assumed that in Germany a 30 years meeting will take place.
Driven by this wish, the CCN and the CCG decided that the meeting had to take place and asked the other clubs again. After a few discussions with various clubs, the CCSH agreed to support this major project.

Here the place was not far from the Nürburgring, where the CCG already held meetings in 2016 and 2017. The place is well accessible by car and also the journey there is very easy.
Now the preparations began. A logo was created, a homepage was set up, all kinds of clubs were informed, drinks and food were organized, invitations, tickets, banners etc. were made. And then the big day came and exceeded all expectations. Almost only satisfied guests, not a single person who didn’t behave correctly, no fights, no burnouts and everybody was happy to have been there.
In the net the meeting went through the roof, so we, the CCN & CCG decided to repeat the meeting.
Also 2019 was well received, that we will have a meeting with you again in 2020!
Many thanks to you out there! Without you there would not be this meeting. We are very happy to welcome you again on 03.07.2020.

See you soon!